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Zhibiao Zhao

Associate Professor
Zhibiao Zhao


Zhibiao Zhao is an Associate Professor of Statistics at Penn State.

Zhao received his Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Chicago in 2007. He received his B.S. in Statistics from University of Science and Technology in China, 2002.

Practical data often show complicated time-varying pattern and classical methods developed for independent or stationary data may not be applicable. Zhao is interested in developing theory and methods for such non-stationary time series data. Also, he is interested in applications of such methods in climatic study, economic study, and financial market.

Zhao joined Penn State as an Assistant Professor of Statistics in 2007.



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STAT414 - Introduction to Probability Theory
STAT416 - Stochastic Modeling
STAT461 - Analysis of Variance
STAT463 - Applied Time Series Analysis
STAT515 - Stochastic Processes and Monte Carlo Methods