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2021 Colloquium Speakers

Date Speaker Title
January 21 Daniel Kowal (Rice University)

Fast, Optimal, and Targeted Predictions using Parametrized Decision Analysis

January 28 Rachael Hageman Blair (University of Buffalo)

Stability analysis for clustering problems and community detection in graphical models

February 4 Bertrand Clarke (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Combining phenotypic and genomic data to improve prediction of binary traits

February 11 Wei Sun (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

CARseq: Cell Type Aware analysis of RNA-seq data

February 18 Peter Hoff (Duke University) An empirical Bayes framework for improving frequentist multigroup inference
February 25 Miaoyan Wang (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Nonparametric array learning with applications in neuroimaging

March 4 Fei Jiang (University of California, San Francisco)

Time-varying Dynamic Network Model For Dynamic Resting State
Functional Connectivity in fMRI and MEG imaging

March 11 Wellness Day - No Classes  
March 18 Harrison Quick (Drexel University)

Generating Poisson-Distributed Differentially Private Synthetic Data

March 25 Leontine Alkema (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Model-Based Estimates in Demography and Global Health: Quantifying the Contribution of Population-Period-Specific Information

April 1 Joseph Hogan (Brown University)

Bayesian causal inference for the HIV care cascade

April 8 Peihua Qiu (University of Florida)

Statistical Process Control As A Powerful Tool for Certain Big Data Applications

April 15 Jian Kang (University of Michigan)

Bayesian Spatial Blind Source Separation via the Thresholded Gaussian Process

April 22 Xin Tong (University of Southern California)

Individual-centered partial information in social networks

April 29 Tingting Zhang (University of Pittsburgh)

A Variational Bayes Approach to Evaluating Whole-Brain Directional Networks with Multi-Subject fMRI Data

August 26 Ana-Maria Staicu (NC State University) Projection-based Testing in Longitudinal Functional Regression
September 2 Sivaraman Balakrishnan (Carnegie Mellon University) Two methods for assumption-light inference
September 9 Zhengyuan Zhu (Iowa State University) Spatial-temporal functional imputation for satellite data and application to National Resource Inventory (NRI) survey
September 16 Zhengling Qi (George Washington University) Efficient Batch Policy Learning in Markov Decision Processes
September 23 Irina Gaynanova (Texas A&M) Data integration with mixed types of measurements
October 28 Jie Yang (University of Illinois Chicago)  
November 4 Tanya Garcia (University of North Carolina)  
November 11 Kelly Zhang (Harvard)  
December 9 Ann B. Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)  

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