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2018 Colloquium Speakers

Date Speaker Title
January 23 Justin Post, North Carolina State University  Preparing Students for Success
February 1 Dr. Xin "Henry" Zhang , Florida State University Tensor regression and classification in high-dimensions
February 8 Shuangge Ma, Yale School of Public Health Assisted Analysis of Gene Expression Data
February 15 Joe Guinness, North Carolina State University Statistical Compression of Climate Model Output
February 22 Weining Shen, University of California, Irvine Adaptive estimation in Bayesian nonparametric models
March 1 Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern Optimization Methods for Machine Learning
March 15 Larry Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University  
March 22 Xiangrong Yin, University of Kentucky
March 29 Shili Lin, The Ohio State University  Random Effect Modeling of Whole Genome Chromatin 3D Structure
April 5 Lan Wang, University of Minnesota Quantile-guided Optimal Policy Learning
April 12 Yuxin Chen, Princeton University Random initialization and implicit regularization in nonconvex statistical estimation
April 26 Michael R. Kosorok, University of North Carolina Recent Progress in Machine Learning and Precision Medicine
August 23 Shuheng Zhou, University of California, Riverside Tensor models for large, complex and high dimensional data
August 30 Bo Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Spatially Varying Autoregressive Models for Prediction of New HIV Diagnoses
September 6 Ron Gallant, Pennsylvania State University Bayesian Inference Using the EMM Objective Function With Application to the Dominant Generalized Blumenthal-Getoor Index of an Ito Semimartingale
September 12 Bailey Fosdick, Colorado State University  Standard errors for regression on relational data with exchangeable errors
September 20 Andrzej Ruszczynski, Rutgers University Risk Forms: Duality, Disintegration, and Statistical Estimation
September 27 Xiangrong Yin, University of Kentucky Expected Conditional Characteristic Function-based Measures for Testing Independence
October 4 Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser, University of Geneva, Switzerland Finite Sample Simulation Based Switched $Z$-estimation (SwiZs) and inference
October 11 Tatjana Miljkovic, Miami University of Ohio Different approaches to loss modeling and their impact on risk measure assessment
October 18 Ryan Martin, North Carolina State University Empirical priors and adaptive posterior concentration rates
October 25 Jing Li, Arizona State University A Novel Positive Transfer Learning Model for Telemonitoring of Parkinson’s Disease
November 1 Erin Schliep, University of Missouri Velocities for spatio-temporal processes
November 29 Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State University Statistics and the Fair Administration of Justice

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