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Communications Office landing page hero featuring the Willaman Gateway for the Life Sciences Bridge.
Communications Office

Meet our staff

Joel Ranck

Director, Communications Office

Joel Ranck illustration.

Jennifer Dong

Public Relations Specialist

Jennifer Dong illustration by Danielle Zemba.

Gail McCormick

Communications Strategist

Gail McCormick illustration by Danielle Zemba.

Seth Palmer

Marketing Strategy Specialist

Seth Palmer illustration by Dani Zemba.

Sam Sholtis

Science Writer

Sam Sholtis illustration by Danielle Zemba.

Nate Follmer

Multimedia Coordinator

Nate Follmer illustration be Danielle Zemba.

Steven Smith

Multimedia Specialist

Steven Smith illustration by Dani Zemba.

Danielle Zemba

Multimedia Specialist

Illustration of Dani Zemba.