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Learning Assistants in Physics

Application form for FALL 2023 semester learning assistant in physics is now closed. Late application may be accepted. You should contact the directly the instructor of the course in which you want to be an LA for late applications. 

Learning Assistants (LA) are peers that serve to facilitate collaborative active learning exercises both in class and during out-of-class problem solving sessions.

You will earn 1 credit for your work as an LA (this is not a paid position). If this is your first time as an LA, you will need to take a 1 credit pedagogy course that will provide you with the background to carry out and understand your role in the educational team and how you can influence classroom climate, and facilitate group work.

As a learning assistant you will be expected to do the following:

  • Attend class sessions for the class that you serve as an LA.
  • Interact with and guide the students during active learning exercises.
  • Facilitate out of class problem solving sessions (not in every courses but this is a possibility).
  • Meet with the instructor and other course LAs once a week to discuss upcoming exercises as well as any problems or concerns.

In return you will:

  • Make a difference in the classroom climate and facilitate your peer’s learning.
  • Develop your professional network by having the opportunity to work closely with Physics faculty and other peers with common interests.
  • Develop your leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Be given 1 class credit for your work as an LA, with an additional credit for first time LA tied to the pedagogy course.