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Irina Mocioiu

Associate Professor of Physics, Director of Graduate Studies
Irina Mocioiu


University of Quebec at Montreal, University of Quebec at Trois Rivieres (M.S., Physics), 1997
C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, SUNY Stony Brook (Ph.D., Physics), 2002


Particles & Fields
  • Theoretical

Selected Publications

  1. C. Hill, I. Mocioiu, E.Paschos, U. Sarkar Neutrino Phenomenology, Dark Energy and Leptogenesis from pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Bosons Phys. Lett. B651, 188 (2007).
  2. R.N. Mohapatra et al. Theory of neutrinos: A White paper. Rept. Prog. Phys. 70, 1757 (2007).
  3. O. Mena, I. Mocioiu, S. Razzaque Oscillation effects on high-energy neutrino fluxes from astrophysical hidden sources Phys. Rev. D75, 063003 (2007).
  4. D. Psaltis, D. Perrodin, K. Dienes and I. Mocioiu Kerr Black Holes are not Unique to General RelativityPhys. Rev. Lett. 100, 091101 (2008).
  5. I. Dorˇsner, I. Mocioiu Predictions from type II see-saw mechanism in SU(5) Nucl. Phys. B796, 123 (2008).
  6. O. Mena, I. Mocioiu and S. Razzaque Neutrino mass hierarchy extraction using atmospheric neutrinos in ice Phys. Rev. D78, 093003 (2008).
  7. S. Ando, M. Kamionkowski and I. Mocioiu Neutrino Oscillations, Lorentz/CPT Violation, and Dark Energy Phys. Rev. D 80, 123522 (2009).
  8. G. Giordano, O. Mena, I. Mocioiu Atmospheric neutrino oscillations and tau neutrinos in ice Phys. Rev. D 81, 113008 (2010).
  9. Enrique Fernandez-Martinez, Gerardo Giordano, Olga Mena, Irina Mocioiu Atmospheric neutrinos in ice and measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters Phys. Rev. D 82, 093011 (2010).
  10. I. Mocioiu and R. Roiban Dark energy from a renormalization group flow Phys. Rev. D84, 043512 (2011).