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Press Release

APS-IDEA is a new initiative to build a collaborative network that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion in the physics community. Penn State is part of 97 institutions/group

Press release

APS-IDEA network website.


  • We see our role as a steering committee and source of knowledge and information for equity, diversity and inclusivity efforts in the department.
  • We aim to take the lead on initiatives aimed at changing the culture and for sense-making. For example by creating safe spaces for discussions.
  • Develop a departmental (EDI) strategic plan and develop ways to assess outcomes.

Team members

Källan Berglund **
Martin Bojowald †
Paula Calizaya *
Eric Hudson †
Kristen Dreyer † †
Sanika Khadkikar **
Pedro Luis Espino ***
Louis Leblond †
Karrie Macknair † †
Marco Muzio ***
Cort Ponansky **
Sarah Shandera †

* undergrad, ** grad, ***postdoc, † faculty, † † staff