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Alumni and Giving

Physics Affiliate Program Group

The Penn State Physics Affiliate Program Group (PAPG) is a sanctioned group that operates under the umbrella of the Eberly College of Science Alumni Society and the Penn State Alumni Association.

Our purpose is to:

  • Promote fellowship and communication among the alumni, faculty and students.
  • Promote the professional development of all graduates of the Physics Program.
  • Promote the continued support of these graduates for both the Physics Program and the Eberly College of Science.
  • Provide advice and support to the leadership of the Dept. of Physics, as requested.
  • Conduct outreach to the public, industry, and other organizations to promote the Physics Dept., as requested by Dept. leadership.

The PAPG is in the phase of developing its membership under the guidance of a steering committee composed of alumni, staff and faculty. The members of the PAPG steering committee are:

Dr. James Kadtke (Chairperson), Prof. Danielle Bassett, Joel Dobson, Walter Dunkle, Dr. Steve Shope, Prof. Nitin Samarth (department head of physics) and Barbara Collins (ECoS development office).