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Science Journal Spotlight: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Naming of Our College

Winter 2021 issue explores the Eberly family’s historic gift and its impressive impact
5 April 2021

2020 marked the 30th anniversary of the conferring of the Eberly name on the College of Science by the Penn State Board of Trustees, in honor of the Eberly family’s $10 million gift to our college. In the Winter 2021 issue of the Science Journal, we reflect on the impact of this historic gift on several generations of scientists. 


How the Eberly College of Science got its name.

How Our College Got Its Name
In this article, we highlight the Eberly family and the story behind the Eberly Family Charitable Trust’s historic gift.

Eberly family chairs for the Winter 2021 issue of the Science Journal.

Eberly Impact: The Eberly Family Chairs
As part of the original gift, a named faculty chair was established in each of the college’s then eight departments—the first time in the history of higher education philanthropy that an academic college received, in a single gift, an endowed chair for each of its departments. We highlight the impact of these chairs, both on our faculty and the college itself.


Four Eberly postdoctoral fellows

Eberly Impact: Postdoctoral Research Fellows
The Eberly Research Fellowship program is designed to attract exceptional early career scientists to Penn State to enhance their career goals. We highlight several researchers who have benefited from this program.


The Hobby-Eberly Telescope. Part of the  Eberly Thirtieth Anniversary for the Winter 2021 Science Journal.

Eberly Impact: The Hobby-Eberly Telescope
The Eberly family’s gift provided critical support to design and construct the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, then the world’s largest optical telescope. We explore Penn State’s important role in the design of this unique telescope 


Squire Booker with lab equipment

Cellular Signposts
Eberly Family Distinguished Chair in Science Squire Booker maps the trail of chemical reactions, which has led to important discoveries in antibiotics.  


C R Rao from the Winter 2021 of the Science Journal.

Celebrating the 100th Birthday of C.R. Rao
Professor emeritus and eminent statistician C.R. Rao was the inaugural Holder of the Eberly Family Chair in Statistics. On his 100th birthday, we celebrate his impressive contributions to mathematics and statistical theory as well as the lasting impact on his colleagues and students at Penn State.


Sean Giery in the field from the Winter 2021 edition of the Science Journal.

Modifying the Mosaic
Postdoctoral researcher Sean Giery has used the freedom provided by the Eberly Research Fellowship program to study patterns in animal traits across a landscape and how they might adapt to change.

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