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Divya Singh and Katie Yan

Q&A: Meet the Graduate Student Newsletter's Editors

14 August 2023

Katie Yan, a biology graduate student, and Divya Singh, a physics graduate student, serve as the current editors of the Graduate Student Newsletter. Both Katie and Divya share why they enjoy editing the newsletter.


Q: What is your research area?

DS: Searching for binary black holes and neutron star mergers in gravitational wave data from the LIGO-Virgo detectors, and searching for imprints of dark matter in those observations

KY: How we communicate infectious disease information to reduce disease transmission


Q: Why did you join the grad student newsletter?

DS: I joined the newsletter to meet graduate students from other departments, learn more about the graduate experience of other students at the College, and to have a creative project to look forward to every month!

KY: I joined the grad newsletter team to gain more communications experience and to connect more with my fellow Eberly grad students!


Q: What has been your favorite Eberly moment?

DS: Working on the newsletter and generally being part of the College for so many years!

KY: Working with the comms team on covering the recent EEID conference at Penn State


Q: What are your favorite spots in State College?

DS: Lederer Park for a stroll in all seasons, Webster’s bookstore, and Uncle Eli's Artist Marketplace, Chumley’s.

KY: The arboretum and the North Atherton farmer’s market.


Q: What are your hobbies?

DS: Karaoke and Arts and crafts in all forms - I’ve really enjoyed learning new art and craft skills through the classes offered by the Center for Arts & Crafts over the years.

KY: Dance and baking! I take ballet classes in downtown state college and love performing at the end of each semester. In addition, I love to bake and share my creations with my lab group.