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Bortiatynski selected as 2022-24 Teaching and Learning with Technology Faculty Fellow

19 December 2022
Jackie Bortiatynski

Jacqueline Bortiatynski, an associate teaching professor in the Eberly College of Science, has been selected as one of six new Penn State Teaching and Learning with Technology Faculty Fellows for 2022-24.

Faculty selected for the Faculty Fellows program partner with TLT on innovative projects, which over the course of the program's existence have encompassed everything from data empowered learning to robotics.

Projects undertaken by the new cohort will focus on at least one of the following themes: 

  • Affordability and Inclusion — Utilizing instructional technologies to increase accessibility and affordability, supporting a more equitable experience for students
  • Physi-digital Space — Innovations to help students be successful and prepare them to work in dynamic, hybrid workplaces  
  • Radical Creativity — Incorporating instructional technology tools to cultivate creativity and collaboration in the classroom 

The Fellows will work with a team of TLT staff on their projects, which are influenced by each instructor's discipline and background.

“Welcoming a new group of innovative faculty to be Fellows is important for TLT and for the teaching and learning community at Penn State. Their innovative spirits, passion for their unique ideas, and focus on impactful topics create potential for profound impact,” said Dr. John Hoh, interim associate vice president for TLT.

Bortiatynski's project is titled "Capturing Classroom Engagement Data for Instructor Reflection, or CCEDIR." She will use her project to empower faculty by providing valuable feedback and opportunity for reflection. 

The CCEDIR observation protocol allows human observers to capture a snapshot of active learning during a class session. The class observation and data collection will focus on either the students or the faculty and the activities they engage in during the session. After the observation, the instructor will be able to review the data visualizations and participate in a reflective discussion with the observer. 

The end goal is to turn the application into a scalable platform to inform instruction. 

"Self-reflection is a critical part of personal growth. In teaching, it is extremely difficult to step back after leading a learning experience and reflect on your performance,” said Bortiatynski. “CCEDIR is a protocol that will provide instructors with that snapshot of execution of their pedagogical approaches and actions taken by the students in that moment. This data can be invaluable in providing insight for fine tuning of pedagogical approaches and goals for teaching professional development.”