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PHD Program

New Qualifying Exams (effective Fall 2017)

Qualifying Exams

New Qualifying Exams (effective Fall 2017)

Old Qualifying Exam information and exam examples can be found here.

Qualifying examinations are offered twice a year: in May, after the end of the Spring semester and in December/January, after the end of the Fall semester.  Students must pass four exams, as explained below, within three semesters (excluding summer sessions) of entry into the doctoral program. 

These examinations are focused on the subjects of Analysis, Algebra and Topology. The corresponding semester-long graduate-level courses that prepare for these exams are offered every year: Linear algebra (MATH 535), Abstract algebra (MATH 536), Real analysis (MATH 501) in the Fall semesters, and Complex analysis (MATH 502), Functional analysis (MATH 503) and Topology (MATH 527) in the Spring semesters, starting with the Spring Semester 2018:

•    Real analysis and complex analysis exams are mandatory for all students
•    Students will choose one of the following:  linear algebra or abstract algebra
•    Students will choose one of the following:  functional analysis or topology
•    Each exam will contain four questions, and correct answers to two of these four will ensure a pass on that exam.
•    The qualifying exams are offered on different days of the same week (including weekends).    


Linear Algebra and its Applications Math 535
Abstract Algebra Math 536
Real Analysis Math 501
Complex Analysis Math 502
Functional Analysis Math 503

Topology - Topics Covered this Year (2019-20)

Math 527

Clicking on the links in the above table will take you to a detailed syllabus for the exam. The following copies of past qualifying exams.

Spring 2022: Linear - Abstract - Real - Complex - Functional - Topology

Fall 2021: Linear - Abstract - Real - Complex - Functional - Topology

Spring 2021Linear Abstract Real Complex Functional Topology 

Fall 2020Linear - Abstract - Real - Complex - Functional - Topology 

Spring 2020: Linear Abstract - Real 1 - Real 2 - Complex - Functional - Topology 

Fall 2019Linear - Abstract - Real - Complex - Functional - Topology 

Spring 2019: Linear Abstract - Real Complex - Functional - Topology 

Fall 2018: Linear - Abstract - Real Complex - Functional - Topology 

Spring 2018: Linear (No Exam Available) - Abstract - Real - Complex - Functional - Topology

Fall 2017:  Linear - Abstract - Real - Complex - Functional - Topology - Algebra A