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Graduate Students
Graduate Students

Further your education
and advance the field of science.

The Eberly College of Science’s graduate degree programs are highly competitive, intensely collaborative, and fiercely committed to the type of interdisciplinary study that advances scientific progress.

Doctoral and masters recipients spring 2021.

Doctoral and Master's Recipients, May 2021
Lucas Alameda, Chemistry (PHD); Gunisha Arora, Biotechnology (MBIOT); Meridith Bartley, Statistics (PHD); Robert Basnett, Applied Statistics (MAS); Aakriti Bhatia, Biotechnology (MBIOT); Ssohrab Borhanian, Physics (PHD) & Physics (MS) Lauren Canale, Forensic Science (MPS); Yurii Chebotarov, Applied Statistics (MAS); David Chen, Applied Statistics (MAS); Tinghua Chen, Applied Statistics (MAS); Stephen Choi, Applied Statistics (MAS); Shivani Chopra, Biotechnology (MBIOT); Pengyong Ding, Mathematics (PHD); Chad Drexler, Chemistry (PHD); Junzhu Fu, Applied Statistics (MAS); Yang Ge, Physics (PHD); Sean Gernon, Applied Statistics (MAS); Shi Ho Kim, Chemistry (PHD); Cameron Holder, Chemistry (PHD); Wenting Huang, Applied Statistics (MAS); Samuel Hull, Astro & Astrophysics (PHD); Melissa Jablonski, Applied Statistics (MAS); Stephen Kerby, Astro & Astrophysics (MS); Kelvin Kho, BMMB (PHD); Kristen Koning, Applied Statistics (MAS); Tyler LeBlond, Physics (PHD); Sarah Leininger, Chemistry (PHD); Yun Li, Applied Statistics (MAS); Shan Li, Applied Statistics (MAS) and a Minor in Operations Research; Shurong Li, Applied Statistics (MAS); Qiao Liu, Mathematics (PHD); He Liu, Chemistry (PHD); Bingyuan Liu, Statistics (PHD); Mariah MacDonald, Astro & Astrophysics (PHD) and a dual title in Astrobiology; Ryan Magee, Physics (PHD); Therese Mandracchia, Forensic Science (MPS); Jake McCoy, Astro & Astrophysics (PHD); Moazum Munawer, Applied Statistics (MAS); Nicholas Negri, Forensic Science (MPS); Maia Nguyen, Forensic Science (MPS); Gavin Palowitch, BMMB (PHD); Courtney Patterson, Forensic Science (MPS); Dmitrii Pedchenko, Mathematics (PHD); Timothy Pillsbury, Physics (PHD); Xuyue Qiu, Biotechnology (MBIOT); Xuyue Qiu, Biotechnology (MBIOT); Douglas Ralph, BMMB (MS); Sarthok Rasique Rahman, Biology (PHD); Maureen Renaud, Applied Statistics (MAS); Michael Rodruck, Astro & Astrophysics (MS); Alyssa Rosas, Chemistry (PHD); Aubrey Sanderford, Applied Statistics (MAS); Thilini Saram, Statistics (MS); Caroline Scruggs, Applied Statistics (MAS); Gozde Sert, Mathematics (MA) and a minor in Statistics; Komal Sethia, Biotechnology (MBIOT); Farruh Shahidi, Mathematics (PHD); Ben Sheng, Statistics (PHD) and a minor in Social Data Analytics; Abigail Starck, Forensic Science (MPS); Stanley Stupski, Biology (PHD); Qing Sun, Mathematics (PHD); Alan Talmage, Mathematics (PHD); Dominic Veconi, Mathematics (PHD); Andrew Warner, Applied Statistics (MAS); Yingfang Wu, Applied Statistics (MAS); and Ambika Wuthoo, Biotechnology (MBIOT).

Admitted students

If you’ve already been admitted to your graduate program, get the information you need to make the most of your Eberly education.

Admitted students


A graduate degree from Eberly is a smart investment in your future. Learn about how you can make it more affordable.


Graduate Programs by the Numbers

View college-level information about doctoral and master's programs.

Two graduate students working in a Physics laboratory in the Eberly College of Science.
Program Master's Ph.D

Applied Statistics


Astronomy and Astrophysics

Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology





Forensic Science






The college offers seven doctoral degrees, eight research-based master's degrees, and three professional master’s degrees. No matter which path you choose, you’ll be on your way to strengthening your research skills, solidifying your scientific knowledge interests, and expanding your capacity as a scientist.

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Graduate Diversity

Graduate students at Eberly College of Science will find career and community support in addition to the academic excellence they expect in science at Penn State.

Graduate Researcher talking to a Professor

At the Eberly College of Science, our research is widely recognized for its excellence. From laboratories to multidisciplinary research collaborations, we have a broad range of opportunities for you to take advantage of, ensuring that you gain deep, hands-on experiences in your chosen field.

Graduate Research

Science Achievement Graduate Fellows

These scholarships are awarded each year to outstanding graduate students seeking a doctoral degree in each of the college’s seven departments who are interested in the advancement of women in the sciences and related fields.

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Graduate Faculty

Eberly Science's world-class research offers an abundance of meaningful graduate opportunities.

Graduate Student with Researcher

Graduate Guidelines and Policies

A productive research mentorship requires that students are treated respectfully and fairly and that the research advisor serve as a role model, upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. 

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Chandra Deep Field-South.
National Science Foundation for the two column quick link component.
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. In 2020 the Eberly College of Science had six students offered awards and 10 honorable mentions.

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Yvonne Buckley delivered a public lecture through the Science Achievement Graduate Fellowship (SAGF) program, and during her time in State College she  visited with members of Mrs. Danielle Rosensteel’s Advanced Zoology and Research classes at State College Area High School.

Buckley meets SAGF fellows and visits local high school scientists
Chandra Deep Field-South.
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Graduate Programs
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Graduate Student Organizations