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Diversity Resources For

Future Undergraduate Students

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We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Eberly College of Science! We offer a variety of programs and resources to support your transition to campus.


SUCCE2SS Summer Series

SUCCE2SS (Summer Undergraduate College Connections for Early Engagement of Science Students) is a virtual series of workshops to help incoming first year underrepresented and first-generation students prepare for their science-based major. The intent of the program is to acclimate students to the Eberly College of Science and to help them build their social network.


June 8th 4 p.m. – Applying for External Scholarships: Workshop Presentation with Q/A.

Are you in need of money to fill the gap to pay for college? This virtual workshop is designed to assist students with their scholarship search. Join to learn how to complete a successful scholarship search for finding and completing scholarship applications. We will highlight searching for external scholarship opportunities, discuss tips for how to craft your portfolio to catch the attention of reviewers and provide tips to help you stay organized during your search.

Register HERE to attend.


June 22nd 4 p.m. – Eberly Unplugged: Student Panel with Q/A

This workshop is your opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with first-generation and underrepresented students within Eberly. Ask almost anything (within reason). Questions can be submitted during registration or can be asked live during the workshop.

Register HERE to attend.


July 13th 4 p.m. – What are college science labs really like?

If you’re not familiar with labs, we want you to get a head start. We’re hoping this workshop will help you feel more prepared – and succeed in – college science labs.

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July 27th 4 p.m. – I want to be a doctor, now what?

Are you interested in a career in medicine? This workshop is designed to get you connected with the PreHealth Group Advising Team to help you with your journey and familiarize you with the basic requirements of preparing to apply and applying to a health professional school. A panel of recent graduates and current students will also take part in this workshop to share their stories of how they prepared (or are preparing) for medical school.

Register HERE to attend.


Engineering Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a six-week academic summer program to help incoming first-year students prepare for their engineering or science-based major. The program also includes structured social and cultural events that encourage students to build relationships with each other and relate in-class activities to out-of-class experiences.

Summer Bridge is administered through the College of Engineering but Science students are encouraged to apply.

Learn More About Summer Bridge


First-Year in Science and Engineering (FISE) Special Living Option

FISE offers a residential experience for first-year students seeking to live in a diverse and inclusive STEM-focused living and learning community.

Learn More About FISE


Undergraduate Scholarships

Bunton-Waller Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Named in honor of Mildred S. Bunton and Calvin H. Waller, the first-recorded African American alumna and alumnus of Penn State, the Bunton-Waller Undergraduate Scholarship Program is a merit-based award given to students who bring diverse perspectives, identities, and interests to Penn State. The Bunton-Waller program attracts students who contribute to the diversity of the student body and demonstrate strong academic and professional potential. In addition to the merit-based awards, Bunton-Waller recipients are part of the Penn State Educational Equity Scholars Program community, and participate in a living and learning community in their first year.

To be considered for scholarships within the Eberly College of Science including Bunton-Waller, high school seniors should complete the Science Scholarship application. Application closes on January 29, 2021. You must submit your application to Penn State before you are eligible to apply for scholarships within Eberly.


Millennium Scholars Program

The Penn State Millennium Scholars Program is designed for high-achieving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students who will become leaders in their chosen fields and are committed to increasing the diversity of professionals in STEM-related disciplines. Millennium Scholars are students with both the passion and the ability to advance the frontiers of knowledge and change the world.

Learn About and Apply to the Millennium Scholars Program


Additional Resources

Interested in learning more about Eberly? Feel free to contact us to start scheduling your visit. 

We are committed to providing a supportive and engaging environment for our students both inside and outside the classroom. In preparation for your arrival to campus, we encourage you to explore our resources for current undergraduate students.

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