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Women's History Month 2021

Alumna Kendra Prutton

Kendra Prutton, 2021 Women's History Month.

Kendra Prutton

Major: Forensic Science (Chemistry emphasis)

Postition: Toxicology PhD Candidate at University of Colorado

I am not a woman in science. I am a scientist. I hope the headline for my achievements never include my gender or ethnicity, but rather highlight my hard work and dedication to a field that I devote my life to. I believe that if I continue to bring my unique perspective, honest work ethic, and earned accomplishments to the table, I will never be refused a seat. I believe that the most powerful and effective means of encouraging young women and men to pursue and succeed in their desired field is to lead, represent, and prove. I choose to be present and active in youth educational communities and share my daily life as a scientist on social media to subvert stereotypes and inspire and encourage all to follow a path that they truly believe in.