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Black in STEM


Robert Grant.

Robert Grant


Major and Degree: Science, B.S. (Biological Sciences and Health Professions option)

Graduation Year: 2016

Current Position: Data Engineer, Podimetrics


Connect: LinkedIn


What motivates you to do/pursue science and/or medicine?

Knowledge: it's the difference between life and death. The more I strive to know and understand, the more I can give back to companies like Podimetrics. Since its conception, Podimetrics has been relentless in making an impact in the quality of lives of individuals who are afflicted with a high risk for complications with diabetes, primarily plaguing lower socioeconomic demographics.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Reflection on the actions of individuals bigger than self that parted waves for a generation like mine to walk safely. A time to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals who made their mark on our world globally, from art and music to science and innovation. A chance to appreciate who I am and where I come from.


Anything else you would like to share?

Remain a student of life.