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Science Research Certificate Program

Upon identification of a research mentor, students interested in pursuing the Science Research Distinction (SCIRES) must complete Thesis Intent form.

Certificate Requirements:

  1. Students are required to engage in research for at least 3 semesters or 2 semesters and a summer.
  2. Earn a minimum of 6 credits in independent research (e.g. 296, 496) in the Eberly College of Science (e.g. ASTRO 296; ASTRO 496; B M B 496; B M B 488; BIOL 296; BIOL 496; CHEM 294; CHEM 494; FRNSC 496; MATH 296; MATH 496; PHYS 296; PHYS 496; STAT 496).
  3. During semester thesis is approved and submitted, student will enroll in SC 494 section 002 for 1 credit.
  4. Thesis must be approved by the research mentor, a reader who is a faculty member eligible to serve as a research mentor, and the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Department Head of a unit within ECoS unless the department has a specific alternative policy in place for thesis approval.
  5. Theses must be uploaded to ScholarSphere during the student’s graduation semester by the deadlines listed below.
  6. Schreyer Honors College Scholars in the Eberly College of Science may complete the requirements for the SCIRES Certificate; however, a single thesis cannot be used to earn both the honors distinction and the Research Distinction Certificate. Honors Scholars may earn both distinctions by production of independent theses.


Thesis Submission Deadline for Spring 2024 is Thursday, April 11.

For additional semester deadlines please go to the Honors Requirements and check the semester that you would like to write your thesis. 

Questions about the Science Research Distinction (SCIRES) Undergraduate Certificate Program may be directed to Tiffany Mathews at

Thesis formatting guidelines & signature page.