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Education Abroad Immersive Videos

Virtually travel worldwide alongside Science students and faculty!
Get a 6K 360° preview of what it's like to study abroad with an Eberly course.

A research-intensive, active learning course taught entirely in Costa Rica during the winter break, offering valuable research experience while studying the biology of the rainforests at different altitudes. More information on the Tropical Field Ecology course page

This course explores the peoples, animals, and environments of the the cradle of humanity in Kenya's savannah wildlands, describing the biology of the African Savannah, the ecology of species interactions, and the adaptations and the selective pressures that shape community structure. More information on the African Savannah Biology course page

A unique blend of Biology and History, investigating the evolution of anatomy and physiology in Renaissance Italy. More information on the Anatomy in Italy course page

An intercultural course on entrepreneurship and its applications across the STEM fields, focusing on how to utilize each student's scientific background and interests to help find solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. More information on the Global Biotech Entrepreneurship course page

Three-week Maymester course that studies the regional ecology and human-environment interaction along the Serengeti plains, examining savannah ecology, zoonotic diseases, and interacting with Maasai pastoralists and Hadza hunter-gatherers. More information on the Biology of Ecohealth course page