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Thank you

The Eberly Science community thanks
these extraordinary people

Willaman Gateway to the Life Sciences spring 2020.

Thank Someone Today

Continuing to operate within the framework of a pandemic has provided ongoing challenges and continual adaptation. Please take a moment to recognize someone in our community who has helped us work, teach, learn, research and thrive.

Sarah Longsinger (Chemistry), Cathy Lutz (Human Resources).

On behalf of the entire BMB Department I wish to express appreciation to Sarah and Cathy for going above and beyond in supporting us through the search for and transition to a new academic coordinator. Thank you! You are outstanding at your job and generous with your expertise. This is a great community because of colleagues like you!

--Wendy Hanna-Rose, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Steven Smith, Jennifer Dong, Nate Follmer, Dani Zemba, Seth Palmer, Sam Sholtis, and Gail McCormick. Communications

The Office of Communications had a fast start to 2021. In a mere month, Steven Smith, Jennifer Dong, Nate Follmer, Dani Zemba, Seth Palmer, Sam Sholtis, and Gail McCormick have produced multiple marketing campaigns, designed visually compelling graphics, written a number of news releases and award stores, designed several complex web pages, produced a labor-intensive video, and a number of newsletters. I'm very thankful for your efforts and willingness to undertake this heavy workload. Cheers!

--Joel Ranck, Office of Communications


Vicki Stevens Carpenter, Biology

Thank you - for so many things. You always step up when needed to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. I don't know how you do it all but you are deeply appreciated.



Kristen Robinson, Dean's Office

I don’t know what I would have done without your careful guidance and incredible organizational skills these past few months. Your support has made all the difference. Thank you!!

--Tracy Langkilde, Dean's Office


Sesa Slavkovic, Dean's Office

Thank you for your tireless work in supporting our graduate programs during this challenging period: navigating scholarships, supporting graduate recruiting and training, and advocating for the needs of our students. Your efforts are felt far and wide!



Mary Beth Williams, Dean's Office

Thank you for your exceptional leadership and foresight in navigating our educational approach during COVID. You brought teams together in important ways and provided support and resources to allow instructors to engage our students in the best possible learning experience.



Kelsey Barth, Biology

Thank you to Kelsey for all of her help with all of our 2nd year dossiers! We appreciate you!

--Janine Kwapis, Biology


Biology Department Head Search Committee, Biology

For their time and thoughtful attention in leading the Biology review of Department Head candidates. I deeply appreciate this important contribution to appointing new departmental leadership.

--Tracy Langkilde, ECoS


Climate and Diversity Awards Committee
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thank you to the Climate and Diversity Awards committee for putting together such a wonderful celebration of the many members of our college that give their time and energy to making the college a more welcoming and inclusive community. It was such an uplifting event - definitely a highlight of 2021 for me!

--Tracy Langkilde, ECoS


Monica Arismendi, Biology

Thank you, Monica, for being so generous with your time to help people find answers to their SIMBA questions. And also for keeping such a positive attitude during these challenging times.



Jenna Neff, Missy Gensimore.
Office of Research Administration

Tremendous thanks to Jenna, Missy, and the grants-office team for their amazing dedication to helping execute all of our (many!) grant submissions! Their attention to detail is superb, and that is such an important component of success in this area. I admire the way they juggle applications from multiple labs at once -- they deserve 100 stars every time an NIH or NSF deadline rolls around! Kudos & thank you!

--Moriah Szpara, Biology & BMB


Meredith Defelice. BMB

Meredith helped us immensely by organizing the education process in conditions of global pandemics. I am very grateful to her efforts because no instructors got sick and infection did not spread among students. I am grateful to her because she saved me and others from getting Covid and supported us through the whole time, it was nerve recking and her guidance really helped to get through. She started way ahead of time and had plans for every scenario, she was very organized, and it all payed off.

--Maria Krasilnikova, BMB


Kim Nelson, Jennelle Malcos. Biology

Thanks for the many bigger pictured conversations while walking in the great outdoors to continue thinking about how to make education even better in Biology even in the midst of a pandemic. It is easy to be swallowed by all of the little fires in 2020/2021 so I am very appreciative to ignore those on occasion with both of you.

--Glenna Malcolm, Biology


Traci Shimmel, BMB

Thank so much for all your great helps, Traci! You are the most kind, warm-hearted and hard-working person I have ever known. Have received your emails not only in the working days, but also frequently in evening, at weekend and even during the Holidays. I know how much you have been dedicating to working for our Department, College and University. Thanks!

--Gaozhong Shen, BMB


Traci Shimmel, Lorraine Grattan, Kim Gummo, and the BMB Administrative Office

Traci Shimmel, Lorraine Grattan, Kim Gummo, and everyone at the BMB administrative office for all your help and support!

For their support and help with all aspects of departmental affairs!

--Santhosh Girirajan, BMB


Garth Gregor, Denise Hlivia, Gina Grazier, Missy Gensimore, Jenna Neff, Lisa Sergeant, Jen McElhinney, and Kyle Fagan. Finance Office, Office of Research Administration, and the Dean's Office.

A huge thank you to Garth Gregor, Denise Hlivia, Gina Grazier, Missy Gensimore, Jenna Neff, Lisa Sergeant, Jen McElhinney, and Kyle Fagan for your help, hard work, and support! You have been amazingly helpful with your quick responses at extraordinarily busy times! Thank you!!

For their continued help and support in preparing, submitting, and administering our grants.



People in the Bryant Lab. BMB

2020, such a challenging year to all of us in research and teaching! Together, as a group but more like a family, we have shown our special spirit with creativity, hope and determination in achieving our goals. Thanks for all your great support, care, encouragement and friendship! We look forward to our successful 2021!

--Gaozhong Shen, BMB

The portico of Old Main at the University Park Campus.

We are grateful for all of the messages acknowledging service in the Eberly College of Science during 2020.


2020 Acknowledgments


2020 Acknowledgements