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Climate and Diversity

Dean's Climate and Diversity Award

The Eberly College of Science Dean's Climate and Diversity Award was created in 2009 to recognize individuals and programs that have displayed extraordinary commitment to enhancing our environment of mutual respect and diversity. The awards are intended to highlight all members of the college community—including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, staff members, and faculty members, as well as programs within the college— that have displayed extraordinary commitment to enhancing our environment of mutual respect and diversity. These awards allow us to celebrate the success, leadership, and vision of individuals and programs.

The nomination process is simple and does not require input from the nominee. Complete the online nomination form during the call for nomination dates. The Award Selection Committee will review the nominations and select candidates for the Dean's Climate and Diversity Award.

Please read the award criteria before completing the online nomination form.


Online Nomination Form

Please submit your nominations using this form.

For full consideration, nominations should be submitted by November 30, 2021


2021 Dean's Climate and Diversity Award Ceremony

The Dean's Climate and Diversity Award Ceremony will be held on January 19, 2022.

Past Award Recipients


Danielle Bayletts - Dean's Office

Margaret Gerthoffer - Chemistry

David Hunter - Statistics

Climate and Diversity Awardees 2021

Dean's Climate and Diversity Award Archive

John Moses - Prehealth Advising

Sofia Roitman - Biology

Claire Thomas - Biology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2020 Climate And Diversity Award Recipients.

Källan Berglund - Physics

Miriam Freedman - Chemistry

Sarah Lonsinger - Chemistry

Climate and Diversity Awardees 2019

Kristin Dreyer - Physics

Latisha Franklin - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Eric Hudson - Physics

Climate and Diversity Awardees 2018

Randi Neshteruk - IGC & Physics

Wendy Hanna-Rose - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Meridith Bartley - Statistics

2017 Award Winners

Melissa Rolls - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Toward a More Inclusive Astronomy (TaMIA) - Astronomy and Astrophysics

Jamie Arnold - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2016 Award Winners

Steve Schaeffer - Biology

Starlette Sharp - Dean's Office

Physics and Astronomy for Women (PAW)

2015 Award Winners

Lilith Antinori - Mathematics

Nate Brown - Mathematics

Stefanie Austin - Statistics

2014 Award Winners

Sara Jamshidi - Mathematics

Diane Henderson - Mathematics

Laurie Dasher - Astronomy and Astrophysics

2013 Award Winners

Jasymn Trent - Science Major

Michael Eracleous & Jason Wright - Astronomy and Astrophysics

Jean Brooks - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2012 Award Winners

Craig Cameron - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Matthew Crook - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mary Anne Raymond - Mathematics

Jennelle Malcos - Biology

Katriona Shea - Biology

Ashley DaSilva - Physics

Society of Physics Students - Physics

2011 Award Winners

Stephen Redman - Astronomy and Astrophysics

Kathryn McClintock - Biology

Andrea Mastro - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Nicole Hurlbutt - Dean's Office

Brian Dingee - Physics

Ronald Redwing - Physics

2010 Award Winners

Eric Patridge - Alumni

Stephanie Gookin - Biolgoy

Jacqueline Bortiatynski - Chemistry

Graduate Admission and Recruitment Team - Chemistry

Diane Henderson - Mathematics

Second Year Graduate Students - Physics

2009 Award Winners

Special Recognition of Service


Karin Foley - Associate Dean

Mercedes Richards - Astronomy and Astrophysics

2010 Award Winners