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Undergraduate Chemistry

Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Become an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (TA)

The Chemistry Department is seeking undergraduate chemistry major applicants for a variety of TA positions in Fall of 2023.  We are specifically looking for TAs in the following courses:  Chem 202, Chem 210, Chem 212, Chem 213W, Chem 110, Chem 110B, Chem 111, and Chem 113.  Undergraduate TA positions require between 10 to 20 hrs per week of work, depending on the course, and pay at a rate of $14/hr. 

TA Responsibilities:

  • Go to class (if a lecture) or supervise your assigned lab section.
  • Grade homework, exams, quizzes, or lab reports.
  • Attend weekly Team Meetings!
  • Hold office hours and student help sessions.

Pathway to become a TA:

  • Take the class you're interested in teaching and do well; get involved by getting to know the professor.
  • Become a Learning Assistant
  • Attend TA Training (if applicable).  Not all TA positions require formal training, but most do!

As a TA, work on building important professional skills:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Managing a Schedule


**Note that many courses require TA training in August and eligibility for those TA positions is contingent upon the completion of TA training. 

Please send any questions regarding Undergraduate TA positions to