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Undergraduate Chemistry

Discover What Advising Can do for You!

High-quality academic advising is crucial to student success. That’s why every chemistry student is assigned a faculty advisor to help them develop a unique academic plan that meets their needs. Enthusiastic faculty members are committed to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. Keep reading to learn how advising can shape your future success!

A student meeting with an advisor
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COMING SOON:  Advising appointments will be managed through Starfish in the near future!


Meet the Advisers



Dan Sykes

Head of Advising

330 Whitmore Laboratory  (814) 863-0796

Chemistry Faculty Advisers

A head shot of John Asbury

John Asbury

112 Chemistry Building

(814) 863-6309

David Boehr standing next to a window

David Boehr

107 Chemistry Building

(814) 863-8605

Jackie Bortiatynski standing in front of a window

Jackie Bortiatynski

123 Ritenour

(814) 865-2772

Sheryl Dykstra smiling in a laboratory

Sheryl Dykstra

211 Whitmore Laboratory

(814) 867-2658

A head shot of Raymond Funk

Raymond Funk

431 Chemistry Building

(814) 865-2057

Aaron Garner resting his arm on a bookshelf

R. Aaron Garner

220A Whitmore Laboratory

(814) 863-5853

A head shot of Linlin Jensen

Linlin Jensen

220C Whitmore Laboratory

(814) 867-2227

Joseph Houck standing in front of a flag

Joseph Houck

220B Whitmore Laboratory

(814) 865-0106

Joe Keiser holding a drawing of himself

Joe Keiser 

213 Whitmore Laboratory

(814) 863-3209

Tae-Hee Lee standing next to high-tech lab equipment

Tae-Hee Lee

230 Chemistry Building

(814) 867-2232

Mark Maroncelli standing in front of a brick wall

Mark Maroncelli

408 Chemistry Building

(814) 865-0809