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Undergraduate Chemistry

Curriculum Overview

What to Expect during your.....


First Year:

lecture hall
Lecture Experiences

Experience innovative general chemistry lecture curricula that stresses collaborative learning! Larger classes feel smaller with the integration of Learning Assistants in almost all lecture courses.

AA analysis

Specialized general chemistry lecture and laboratory courses put chemistry into context.  Our latest Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) introduces first-year chemistry majors to cutting edge research.

Lab Experiences


Second Year:

reaction organic lab
Organic Chemistry Experience

Organic Chemistry Lab (Chem 213M) cohorts chemistry majors together in a project-based lab experience.  The second floor of Whitmore offers a dedicated majors-only, research-grade organic lab space.  Organic chemistry laboratory students have access to a dedicated organic instrumentation room.  Our program offers students the hands-on use of modern instrumentation such as NMR, IR, GC, and GC-MS.

analtyical lab students

Analytical Chemistry (Chem 227) is an integrated lecture/lab course.  This course provides students with  comprehensive exposure to sample preparation techniques and methods used in biotech, environmental, forensic, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Analytical Lab Experience


Third Year and Beyond:

Capstone Lab Experiences

Chemistry majors can choose from FOUR 400-level capstone chemistry lab courses in either organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, or physical chemistry. The goals of each lab experience are to provide students with the skill set and knowledge base necessary to be competitive for positions in industry or to be successful in graduate school.

poster session

The Chemistry Department offers a variety of 400-level lecture courses for students to specialize their degree.  Take advantage of a nationally ranked Chemistry research program - numerous research opportunities help prepare students for success after graduation. 

Other 400-level Experiences
pchem lab

Our Physical Chemistry Laboratory (Chem 457) is a project-based lab course.  Chemistry majors are placed in a special section and have access to over $1 Million dollars of research-grade instrumentation.