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Undergraduate Chemistry
Why choose chemistry?

The chemistry major is designed to take you where you want to go. Penn State offers an innovative curriculum to help students succeed in the chemical industry, academia, medicine, education, and so much more.  With great career and research opportunities, there’s never been a better time to choose chemistry at Penn State.

Student Spotlight

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Maggie Kuzemchak, Chemistry Undergraduate Student

Maggie Kuzemchak fell in love with chemistry in high school, but she wasn't sure how to use her passion for science until she arrived at Penn State! Keep reading to here her story. 


Andy Gilreath became interested in makeup and art as a young child, but she didn’t realize that chemists were behind her favorite beauty products until she started high school. “Once I realized I could actually make a career out of creating makeup and skin care, I didn't want to do anything else,” she explains. After visiting Penn State, Gilreath knew it was the place to achieve her goals. 

Andy Gilreath, BS in Chemistry 2011

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