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Department of Chemistry

Postdoc-to-PI Symposium 2023

Postdoc-to-PI Symposium at Penn State Chemistry

July 26 & 27, 2023


The "Postdoc-to-PI Symposium at Penn State Chemistry" is a two-day workshop/symposium that is designed to build relationships with postdoctoral scholars early on in the academic hiring cycle. Participants invited after a review of applications will be brought on-site to (1) deliver a seminar on their current research; (2) meet with our faculty/dean in one-on-one meetings; and (3) participate in professional development activities, including the option to receive feedback on a short presentation about their future research plans. These activities are designed to simulate some common on-site interview experiences in a low-pressure environment.  

There are no fees to participate in this program. All expenses for travel will be reimbursed, and hotels, meals, and materials will be sponsored by our department. Our program is sponsored by the Equal Opportunity Planning Committee of Penn State, with matches from the Eberly College of Science and the Department of Chemistry. Information about the Equal Opportunity Planning Committee can be found here:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting July 1, 2023.



a. Postdoctoral fellows who study chemistry (broadly defined) and are planning to apply for tenure track faculty positions in the future.

b. We especially encourage applications from members of historically underrepresented groups.

c. If you have eligibility questions, please contact Eric Nacsa (nacsa@psu.eduand/or Jonathan Kuo (