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Chemistry Grad Program

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

GSA board 2024
Executive Board 2024-2025: 


About the GSA

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association is an organization that provides graduate students with opportunities for professional development and outreach, helps to facilitate the recruitment and retention of chemistry graduate students, and helps to foster community within the chemistry department and between the chemistry department and other departments within the Eberly College of Science and Penn State. The purpose is to promote the well-being of chemistry graduate students and provide them with meaningful opportunities for career advancement.


Get Involved

All chemistry graduate students are automatically enrolled in the organization. Anyone is free to join in our events, such as coffee hours, seminars, and town hall meetings. Board members send emails prior to these events announcing when and where the events will be. Furthermore, if students want to get more involved in the planning of activities or have ideas for new events, the board will gladly help to make those ideas a reality.

The Chemistry GSA is always looking to help the students take advantage of opportunities available to them as graduate students and to be the best scientists that they can be by the end of their Ph.D. Being involved in something outside of lab helps students make a difference in their community in addition to the impact their research already has.


What Can the GSA Do For Me?

  • Seminars by individuals from industry, academia, government and non-traditional jobs
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • A sense of community within our department and the university as a whole


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