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Chemistry Climate and Diversity

Department Ombudspeople

Each department has at least two ombudspeople who work to assist in conflict resolution when it arises. This includes facilitating communication between conflicting parties and referring people to a variety of resources for further assistance.

Current Ombudspeople
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry


For more information about the ombuds program go here.

Graduate Student Advocates


The graduate student advocates help individual graduate students work through any issues that arise, help graduate students approach the Graduate Program Coordinator as needed, and serve as a liaison between graduate students, the Graduate Student Association, the Graduate Program Chair, and the Associate Head for Climate and Diversity.

I am extremely excited to be serving as a Graduate Student Advocate for the Chemistry Department and I hope to be able to contribute positively to the department climate by providing an extra pair of ears to all who need them. I believe strong mental health and a good working environment are essential to succeed in graduate school and I hope I will be able to do my part to help!"
Varun Mandalaparthy
graduate student in the Noid Lab