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Department of Chemistry

Career Network & Recruitment Fair FAQ for Companies

About the Career Network and Recruitment Fair

This event offers your company the opportunity to interview our best students (graduate, undergraduate, and postdoctoral fellows) for potential employment within your organization. You will also have the opportunity to interview students from Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and the Materials Research Institute. In addition to meeting our students, you will have several opportunities to interact with our faculty. 

The Chemistry Department at Penn State is a nationally-ranked department with world-renowned faculty, and this program offers your company a chance to learn about cutting-edge chemical research.

After you or your company registers and indicates which research areas and degree levels you are interested in recruiting, you will be provided with resumes to screen and select from before you arrive. We will take care of arranging lodging and scheduling appointments.


What Can the Career Network and Recruitment Fair Do For Your Company?

Companies that participate in the Career Network and Recruitment Fair have access to a pool of talented and highly qualified young scientists before they are even on the job market. Not only are our corporate partners first in line to hire top-notch candidates, they also have the opportunity to form relationships with students over the years to see how they have developed and progressed in their research!


How to Register 

To register, please complete our registration form.