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Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry at Penn State offers excellence in the chemical sciences through a vibrant and collaborative academic community whose members are current and future world leaders in research, education, industry, and other science-related careers. To achieve this, the department upholds the Penn State values of integrity, respect, responsibility, discovery, excellence, and community. We promote the vigorous exchange of ideas in the lab and in the classroom, the free pursuit of scientific knowledge, and creativity in posing and solving problems, all within an environment that is respectful and collegial to all members of the department: students, postdocs, staff, and faculty. The department is committed to addressing some of society's most pressing challenges and disseminating knowledge to the broader scientific community and the public. 

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities and celebrate the unique perspective each person brings. Only by having a set of diverse perspectives can we hope to solve the most pressing problems. The department is intentional in its efforts to recruit diverse faculty and students and continually works to maintain and promote an inclusive environment.



Department Chair