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Undergraduate Programs

Antibiotic Discovery CUREs

In BMB205/CHEM111 undergraduate researchers start their journey by sampling soil across Pennsylvania in the field. While in the lab, students work on purifying and characterizing potential antibiotic compounds from the soil. Through this research journey, students will develop a firm base for applying Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Microbiology to real world problems. At the end of the research project, students are expected to present their work in local and regional scientific meetings and prepare a manuscript for submitting to the American Journal of Undergraduate Research. Students who are interested in continuing their research project are encouraged to enroll in BMB294 in the spring and summer semesters.


  • BMB205/CHEM 111: a 2cr. course offered during the fall for first year students. Students enroll in BMB 205 along with a special section of CHEM 111. Throughout both of these courses students learn to apply chemical principles to the study and discovery of antibiotics. This course was developed and is taught by Shawn Xiong and John Alumasa in collaboration with BMB professor, Kenneth Keiler.
  • BMB 294: Students that participated in BMB 205/CHEM 111 in the fall semester are able to enroll in BMB 294 in the spring or summer.  During this course, students carry-out their research projects under faculty supervision.
Student learning how to properly pipet Teaching Assistant showing proper use of water bath

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