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Meet our Spring 2022 Student Marshals
Claire Schweitzer

Image of Claire Schweitzer

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is proud to recognize Claire Schweitzer as a Student Marshal for the 2022 Spring Commencement!  The daughter of Mary and Patrick Schweitzer, Claire is a graduate of Kettle Run High School in Nokesville, Virginia.  She is a Forensic Science major, with a minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has also earned her spot on the Dean’s List a remarkable eight times throughout her undergraduate career.


Claire’s hopes to one day work in an Office of the Chief Medical Examiner within their DNA Analysis Unit.  She plans to pursue her master’s degree at the Jay College of Criminal Justice, located in New York City, New York.


Congratulations Claire on being named a Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Spring 2022 Student Marshal, and for serving as a wonderful example of why We Are Penn State!


Read more, below, about Claire’s remarkable undergraduate career.

I am overcome with joy that I was selected to be a student marshal. The past four years have been filled with the most amazing experiences of my life, and I truly have learned so much from the wonderful professors I have had the pleasure of meeting. I feel like all the hard work and late nights studying have been so worth it, and it is my sincerest honor to be able to represent my colleagues as a student marshal.
Claire Schweitzer
Spring 2022 Student Marshal

Commencement Faculty Escort:

  • Dr. Reena Roy


What impact has working with Dr. Reena Roy had on your undergraduate career, and your future in career specifically?

Dr. Roy has given me countless opportunities throughout my time as a course assistant to expand my knowledge and experience in the field of forensic science. I was allowed to teach many lectures on forensic biology and DNA, which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. She gave me a huge amount of confidence in myself as a young scientist, and i wouldn't be where I am today without her!


What is the most important lesson/memory/observation that you will take with you from your time at Penn State?

I think the most important lesson I’ve learned over the past four years at Penn State is really to absorb every moment you’re here. College really does go by as fast as people tell you. One moment, you’re a scared little freshman and the next you’re graduating! I would also say another important lesson I’ve learned is to make a connection with your professors. I have learned so much from each the forensic science faculty, and I know I will take the knowledge they’ve given me with me throughout my life.


Undergraduate Honors and Awards, Extracurricular Activities, and Honorary Society Memberships:

  • Walter K. and Lynne-Marie C. Wieland Scholarship (2020-2021 and 2021-2022)
  • Orchesis Dance Company
    • Secretary 2020-2021
    • Vice president 2021-2022)
  • Forensic Science Club
    • Treasurer 2019-2020
    • President 2020-2021)
  • Course Assistant for Dr. Roy’s Criminalistic Biological Evidence course (August 2020-present)