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Undergraduate Programs

Learning Support for Classes

Study Skills

Research on how people learn has identified effective study strategies that promote meaningful learning experiences. A few resources that explain these strategies to students are:

In addition, The Division of Undergraduate Studies sponsors offers interactive workshops titled, Study Smarter, Not Harder. Keep your eyes open for announcements for these workshops, or ask your academic adviser for more information.


Learning Support for Classes 

We encourage students to use the resources that are available to them for each course such as instructor office hours and teaching assistant (TA) or learning assistant (LA) office hours.  Faculty and those working with them as a part of the educational team want to help their students succeed!  In addition, some of our courses may also be supported through Penn State Learning.  Check the Penn State Learning website to find about current offerings.


Tips for attending instructor office hours:

Check your syllabus and/or CANVAS for the instructor office hours.  Some instructors ask that students sign up for office hours through Starfish or some other mechanism, while others hold standing office hours. Regardless of the format, students should know that office hours are an excellent resource, and are in place to help you succeed.  When you go to office hours, do some preparatory work and make a list of questions that you have for your instructor. In addition, if you take notes or sketches that represent your understanding of the material then faculty can look at what you have prepared and help you identify any misconceptions that you might have. 


Looking for a tutor?

If you have explored the available resources described above, and you are looking for additional help, you can contact the undergraduate program staff.  The staff maintain a list of students that are interested in providing tutoring services.  Please note, the department does not participate in any hiring arrangements, nor are we able to guarantee the quality of services offered by individual students. Students should make sure to have conversations with anyone offering tutoring services to make sure that their goals are aligned and that the amount of time and any cost associated with the tutoring services is clear.


Interested in serving as a tutor?

If you would like to offer your services as a tutor, please complete the form here. Upon receiving this information, the department will add your name to an internal list of individuals interested in providing tutoring services.  Addition of your information to this list is not an offer or guarantee of employment.  Please note that the department is not able to assist in making any hiring arrangements, and therefore will not advertise cost of services.  All arrangements including the time, location, and cost of tutoring services must be arranged privately between the two individuals. If at any time you want your name removed from our list of potential tutors, just contact us and we will remove your information immediately.