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BMMB Graduate Program


Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Penn State University provides full health benefits to its graduate students at a minimal cost.

BMMB students and their dependents have the option of enrolling in the Graduate Student Health Insurance through the University Health Services website.

Penn State also offers a dental and vision plan that is available to all students.

Graduate Students can also use University Health Services with no copay.

More information regarding Student Health Insurance for Graduate Assistants and Fellow can be found by visiting the University Health Services website:


Paid Leave (Including Parental Leave)

BMMB understands that circumstances arise which may render the student unable to fulfill the duties of their appointment due to illness, injury, pregnancy or adoption. BMMB is committed to assisting our students in performing the level of duties possible for the duration of the semester. Additionally, if the student cannot fulfill any duties, BMMB offers several leave options, both paid and unpaid. Please contact the Director of Graduate Affairs for more information.

Paid Leave Options:

Note: If the current source of student funding is external to the University, prior to granting the leave, it will be the responsibility of the PI to be sure that the commitments to any grant or contract are fulfilled by the PI, and to be sure that the funding agency rules allow the implementation of such a leave. Most funding agencies defer to the policies of the institution. There are some special programs e.g. NIH and NSF fellowship, which have defined policies. In those cases, the agency policy will prevail.


Child Care Subsidy

The Student Parent Child Care Subsidy Program is funded by The Pennsylvania State University and helps qualifying, low-income student parents sustain their educational efforts by paying a portion of their child care costs and encouraging them to select high-quality child care.


Fitness and Wellness

Penn State has a number of fitness facilities open to graduate students.  In addition, students in our department often form intramural teams for soccer, volleyball, and softball.  There are also a large number of club sports that graduate students are able to join. There are both PSU-owned and private golf courses as well as a disc golf course in the area.  There are several private gyms in State College, including the local YMCA, which has rock climbing available for both members and non-members. Several local gyms and yoga studios offer a student discount.




Parking is available to graduate students at the stadium for about $120 per year.  The stadium lots are approximately one mile from the science buildings and buses run regularly from the parking lots into campus. You can learn more about Student Parking Registration by visiting the Penn State Transportation Services website.


The CATA bus system has routes that go near most of the apartment complexes and shopping areas of State College. The RIDEpass program offered through Penn State Transportation Services is $21 a month for graduate students who live more than 1.5 miles from campus and do not have an on-campus parking pass or a bus pass offered through their apartment complex.   For more information, see Ridepass, CATA Bus Website, CATA Map.


All bicycles on campus must be registered. Registration is free. Bicycles are not allowed to be stored in campus buildings.  You can learn more by visiting the "Biking" tab of the Penn State Transportation Services website.

Centre Region Bikeway Map

Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare, a car-sharing service from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, is now available to Penn State students, faculty and staff at the University Park campus. A cost-effective alternative to car ownership, the membership-based service offers the freedom and flexibility of using a vehicle while only paying for the hours it is being used. Enterprise CarShare vehicles are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with low rates by the hour, the day, overnight and weekends.