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Undergraduate Students

Astronomy and
Astrophysics Minor

To receive an Astronomy and Astrophysics minor, students are required to have a total of 18-19 credits from courses taken in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Meteorology.

Requirements for the minor:

  • ASTRO 291 and ASTRO 292
  • 6 credits from 400-level ASTRO courses, except ASTRO 496
  • 6-7 credits from additional ASTRO 400-level courses, AERSP 308, AERSP 312, E E 492, GEOSC 474, METEO 466, or PHYS 458
  • A grade of C or better for all courses in the minor.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Minor Checklist