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Make a donation to support our undergraduate students, outreach program, or our exciting research.

Mercedes T. Richards Memorial Scholarship

Help us honor her contributions to the department by supporting the Mercedes T. Richards Memorial Scholarship.

Mercedes Richards

A New Planetarium at Penn State

Become part of a drive to build a new planetarium at Penn State.

Photo of a planetarium presentation in action.

Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

We promote science education, training, and research to expand our knowledge of the universe through undergraduate and graduate education, research, and public outreach.

hobby eberly telescope

Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center

Dedicated to advancing the search for extraterrestrial, technological life in the universe, via their technosignatures.


Center for Exoplanets & Habitable Worlds

Seeking to discover habitable planets and life beyond the solar system.

Center for Exoplanets & Habitable Worlds