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Executive Statement

Science LionPride
Commitment to fight racism, violence, and inequality.

June 16, 2020

To our Science LionPride, Penn State, and local community;

On behalf of our organization, we would like to express our commitment to fighting racism, violence, and inequality. We condemn acts of police brutality against Black people and people of color and stand in solidarity with our community members who have been impacted by these acts of racism.

As our organization aims to connect with the Penn State community, prospective students and their families, and alumni, our goal is to be inclusive and understanding. We are committed to promoting diversity in the Eberly College of Science and representing that diversity to the community, and will do so through the following pledges:

Science LionPride will make prospective student tours inclusive, open, and respectful. This will include additional tour training to avoid microaggressions and discrimination. We promise to emphasize the importance and value of diversity and inclusion during all prospective student tours, Accepted Students Days and Spend a Summer Day programs.

Science LionPride is also dedicated to fostering an inclusive community through outreach events. We pledge to emphasize the importance of contributions of diverse scientists when working with our surrounding K-12 communities. Through this, we can encourage children of all races to pursue science, and ensure that these values become a foundation for future scientists.

Science LionPride also serves as a bridge between the Eberly College of Science Alumni Board and its students. We pledge to start and engage in more conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion with our Alumni Board to support our Eberly community. Starting these difficult and uncomfortable conversations are an important part to change and we are committed to making our community a place without hate. 

In addition to our efforts to support our alumni, community, and prospective students, we also want to greatly express our support to all current members of our organization. We deeply value all of our members, their diverse backgrounds and experiences, and the amazing contributions they make to Science LionPride.

To our members: we want to and need to hear your voices. Please fill out the following anonymous form with ideas that you might have to support our members through this difficult time and throughout the upcoming school year: Additionally, if you are looking for resources and ways to help combat racism, we compiled this list as a place to start:


The Science LionPride 2020-2021 Executive Board