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Penn State Alumni Association Recognition

Eberly College of Science alumni making a difference

The Alumni Fellow Award

The Alumni Fellow Award is the most prestigious award given by the Penn State Alumni Association. Since 1973, the Alumni Fellow Award has been given to select alumni who, as leaders in their professional fields, are nominated by an academic college and accept an invitation from the President of the University to return to campus to share their expertise with students, faculty, and administrators.

2023 Recipients of the Alumni Fellow Award

Judd Moul

1979 B.S. Premedicine

Judd Moul

Judd W. Moul is the James H. Semans MD Professor of Surgery at Duke University Medical Center in the Urologic Surgery Division and the Duke Cancer Institute. He is a retired colonel from the United States Army Medical Corps and was the director of the Center for Prostate Disease Research at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Moul’s clinical practice focuses on broad aspects of prostate cancer and prostate disease. He is a noted authority on prostate cancer in African-American men, biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer, prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing, nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy and prostate screening biomarkers.

Moul served as the Division Chief of Urology at Duke from 2004 through 2011. During this time, the program was continuously ranked in the top 10 nationally by US News and World Report and Moul reestablished Duke Pediatric Urology and a research year for residents, initiated a collaboration with the Department of Defense to train an Army urologist each year and established the Duke Prostate Center. He also was the first urologist in the history of Duke to be awarded a named endowed chair in 2009.  During Moul’s era as Chief, over 50% of graduating residents chose careers in academic medicine and many are now rising stars in their respective programs.

Moul is committed to training residents and mentoring students and trainees. He and his wife Ellen (PSU H&HD ’81) endowed a scholarship in the Penn State Eberly College of Science to support undergraduate students pursuing a career in the medical field. He is also a life member of the Penn State Alumni Association.

Jane Rigby

2000 B.S. Astronomy

2000 B.S. Physics

Jane Rigby

Jane Rigby is a NASA astrophysicist who serves as the Senior Project Scientist for NASA’s Webb Telescope, the most powerful telescope ever built. Rigby is one of the leaders of the team that commissioned the Webb telescope and led the characterization of initial science performance. Rigby briefed the President and Vice President of the US on the first Webb science images in July 2022.

Rigby’s research focuses on how galaxies evolve over cosmic time, by using the techniques of diagnostic spectroscopy and gravitational lensing. She has published more than 140 peer-reviewed scientific papers, is the Principal Investigator of the TEMPLATES JWST Early Release Science program, and is active user of the JWST, Hubble, Spitzer, Chandra, Keck and Magellan observatories. Rigby was named to Nature's list of ten individuals who shaped science in 2022, and to the BBC's list of 100 inspiring and influential women for 2022. She received NASA's Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal in 2022.

Before coming to NASA, Rigby was a Spitzer Fellow and Carnegie Fellow at the Carnegie Observatories; she holds PhD and MS degrees in Astronomy from the University of Arizona, and BS degrees in Physics and Astronomy from Penn State.

While a student at Penn State, Rigby served as president of the Astronomy Club, co-founded the outreach event “AstroFest”, played club field hockey, and lived in Honors College housing. While too afraid to come out as gay while at Penn State, Rigby now works for LGBTQ inclusion, and lives with her wife Andrea and their child in Maryland.

Dean Winslow

1974 B.S. Science

Dean Winslow

Colonel Dean Winslow is a professor of medicine with appointments in the Divisions of Hospital Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

In 2021, Winslow took leave from Stanford to lead the US COVID-19 Testing and Diagnostic Working Group. He served as CDC Senior Advisor to Operation ALLIES WELCOME and Chief Medical Officer for the Southwest Border Migrant Health Task Force before returning to Stanford in July 2022. Earlier in his career, he started the first multidisciplinary clinic for HIV patients in Delaware. He also performed basic research on HIV drug resistance and later led the FDA clearance of the TRUGENE HIV-1 drug resistance test.

Winslow served as a flight surgeon in the US Air Force for 35 years and deployed twice to Afghanistan and four times Iraq after 9/11 supporting combat operations. In 2005, Winslow coordinated military public health in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In 2006, he served as an ER physician at the United States Air Force combat hospital in Baghdad and in 2008, he served as hospital commander during the Iraq surge. In 2017, Winslow was nominated by the President to serve as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.

Since 2006, Winslow has arranged medical care in the U.S. for 28 Iraqi children who have complicated medical conditions. In 2015, Winslow and his wife, Dr. Julie Parsonnet, created The Eagle Fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which provides aid to middle eastern and central American refugees. In 2018, he co-founded Scrubs Addressing the Firearms Epidemic (SAFE), which unites health care professionals to address gun violence.

Winslow is a life member of the Penn State Alumni Association. He lives with his wife in Palo Alto, California.

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