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Outstanding Science Alumni Award

Recognizing outstanding former students from the Eberly College of Science

Nittany Lion

Outstanding Science Alumni

Established in 1995, the Outstanding Science Alumni Award recognizes Eberly Science alumni for their success and for the impact they have had and will continue to have on society and their professions.

Photo Credit: Jon Chomitz
                                                                                               Photo Credit: Jon Chomitz

Booth is a partner at Atlas Venture, a venture capital firm that works with scientists and entrepreneurs to create startup biotech companies focused on the discovery and development of transformative biopharmaceutical products, therapeutics, and innovative biomedical technologies. Since joining Atlas Venture in 2005, Booth has been involved in the founding and funding of many companies with a particular focus on capital efficient models for drug research and development.

Booth was previously an investor with Caxton Health Holdings and a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a global strategic management consulting firm. While at McKinsey, he worked with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to address research and development productivity issues, portfolio management, new product commercialization, and business development.

Booth serves as the chair of AvroBio, Kymera Therapeutics, Hotspot Therapeutics, Nimbus Therapeutics, Rodin Therapeutics, and Unum Therapeutics. He is a board member for numerous other companies, including several seed-stage biotech companies and past Atlas companies, as well as the National Venture Capital Association. Booth also advises the Gates Foundation and the pharmaceutical companies UCB and Takeda.

Booth blogs about biotech and venture capital topics at, which is syndicated on Forbes. He has also published scientific papers and biotech venture capital review articles, including several in Nature Biotechnology.

As a British Marshall Scholar, Booth received a doctoral degree in molecular immunology from Oxford University in 1999, where he studied HIV and tumor immune response. He received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Penn State in 1996.

juddmoulheadshotrunate 1489537

Moul is the James H. Semans, M.D. Professor of Surgery at the Duke University Medical Center Urologic Surgery Division and at the Duke Cancer Institute. He is a retired colonel from the United States Army Medical Corps and was the director of the Center for Prostate Disease Research at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Moul’s clinical practice focuses on broad aspects of prostate cancer and prostate disease. He is a noted authority on prostate cancer in African American men, biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing, and nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy.

Moul served as the division chief of urology at Duke from 2004 through 2011. During this time, the program was continuously ranked in the top 10 nationally by U.S. News and World Report, and Moul reestablished the Duke Pediatric Urology unit, established the Duke Prostate Center, and initiated a collaboration with the Department of Defense to train an Army urologist at Duke each year.

Prior to joining Duke, Moul was nationally recognized for his creation of a U.S. military-based prostate disease research database that continues to house information on more than 20,000 prostate cancer patients. Moul has authored and co-authored more than 525 scientific manuscripts and served as the editor for Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Disease, a Nature Medicine journal, for more than a decade.

In 1995, Moul was the recipient of the American Medical Association Young Physicians Section Community Service Award for his involvement in prostate cancer patient support groups nationally. He received the Sir Henry Wellcome Medal and Prize from the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States in 1996 and was the recipient of the 1997 Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Urological Association. Moul also received the Baron Dominique Jean Larrey Military Surgeon Award for Excellence in 1998 and the Presidential Award from the Uniformed Services Urology Research Group in 2000. He was awarded the Castle Connelly Physician of the Year for Clinical Medicine in 2009.

Moul is committed to training residents and mentoring students and trainees. He and his wife, Ellen Moul ’81, endowed a scholarship in the Eberly College of Science to support undergraduate students pursuing a career in the medical field.

Fred Allendorf, Ph.D., '71 B.S. Zoology
Nicholas Hartman, Ph.D., '03 B.S. Chemistry
Alexandra Heerdt, MD, MPH, FACS,'85 B.S. Science
Danielle Pasqualone, Ph.D., J.D.,'90 B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology

Jason Bacha MD, MS, '02 B.S. Biology
Joseph Berry, '01 Ph.D. Physics
Wanda Jones Dr.P.H., '75 B.S. Medical Technology
Harold Kohn, '71 Ph.D. Chemistry
Louise Sabol MD, '55 B.S. Premedicine

Jayatri Das, 1999 B.S. Biology, B.S. BMB
Christa A. Hasenkopf, 2003 B.S. Astronomy & Astrophysics
Ronald A. Boxall, '84 B.S. Science

Donna Bortner, '84 B.S. Microbiology
Alexa Dembek, ‘91 Ph.D. Chemistry
Sudhir Kumar, ‘96, Ph.D. Genetics
Caryl Russo Singer, ‘82 B.S. Biology
Larry Travis, ‘71 Ph.D. Astronomy

Eric Freed, '85 B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology
Ann Hornschemeier, '99 M.S., '02 Ph.D.  Astronomy and Astrophysics
John Pierce, Jr. '76 B.S. Biochemistry
Kathryn Roeder, '88 Ph.D. Statistics

Donald Abraham, '58 Chemistry
Peter Emanuel, '94 Ph.D. Molecular and Cell Biology
Kay Mooney, '89 B.S. Mathematics
Christopher Olivia, '84 B.S. Science
Jonathan Pritchard, '94 B.S. Biology, B.S. Mathematics
Jane Rigby, '00 B.S. Astronomy. B.S. Physics
Robert Baltera, '87 Microbiology; '90 M.S. Genetics

Eliav Barr, ’84 B.S. Sci
Gary Fleisher. ’71 B.S. Sci
Howard Gordon, ’63 M.S., '65 Ph.D.  Phys
Joellen Schildkraut, ’78 B.S. Micro
Robert Shaler, ’66 M.S, '68 Ph.D. Bioch

David Dunson, ’94 B.S. Math
Susan Gardlik. ’83 B.S. Bioch
Albert "Fred" Hartman, ’65 B.S. Sc
Allan Silberman, ’68 B.S. Sc
Bruce Wellman, ’91 SCBS

Judith Davenport, '61 B.S. MED T
Steven McCrystal, '92 B.S. MTHBS
Monica Morrow, '74 B.S. Sc
Fletcher Wicker, '68 B.S. Math; '69 M.A. Math

Mark Becker, '85 Ph.D. Stat
Jack Dickstein, '46 B.S. ABCH
Kate Hutton, '71 B.S. Astro
Alvaro Umaña, '73 B.S. Phys, '74 M.S. EPC
CP Wong, '72 M.S. Chem, '75 Ph.D. Chem
Carol Zaher, '71 B.S. Zool

George Cimochowski, M.D., '63 B.S. PM
David Heymann, M.D., '66 B.S. Sc
Vance Moss, M.D., '94 B.S. Sc
Vince Moss, M.D., '94 B.S. Sc
*Robert Schiessler, Ph.D., '39 B.S. Chem, '45 Ph.D. Chem
John Senior, M.D., '50 B.S. Phys

Mildred Christian, Ph.D., '65 M.S. Zool
Stephen DiBiase, Ph.D., '78 Ph.D. Chem
John Patton, Ph.D., '67 B.S. Zool
Angelos Scopelianos, Ph.D., '82 Ph.D. Chem
Chi Kong Shu, '78 M.S. Cmpsc

Neal Flomenberg, '74 B.S. Sc
Susan Hardin, '82 B.S. Biol
F. Matthew Rhodes, '79 B.S. Phys

Kenneth Adelberg, '74 B.S. Bphys
Charles M. Buchas, '74 B.S. Biol
Stephen Mayo, '83 B.S. Chem
Mary Osborn, '63 M.S., '67 Ph.D. Bphys

Barbara J. Dalton, '74 B.S. Biol
Charles E. Grier, '84 M.S., '87 Ph.D. Micrb
Chad A. Mirkin, '89 Ph.D. Chem

Gail Folena-Wasserman, '79 M.S. Bioch; '82 Ph.D. Chem
Bruce L. Gewertz, '69 B.S. PM
Bruce K. lloyd, '68 B.S. PM

Richard A. Grazzini, '75 B.S. Biol; '93 Ph.D. Genet
Paul M. Doty, '41 B.S. Chem
Janet Vergis, '86 B.S. Biol; '88 M.S. Physio

Terence J. Dwyer, '70 M.A. Math
Louise A. Goeser, '74 B.S. Math
Daniel A. Nolan, '74 Ph.D. Phys
Robert F. Wilson, Jr. '73 B.S. Sc

Catherine Beath, '70 B.S. Micrb
Marcus Hansen, '69 B.S. Math & Phys
Woodrow E. Hoch, '42 B.S. Chem
Morris Taradalsky, '70 B.S. Math

Jean M. Bennett, '53 M.S., '55 Ph.D. Phys
John L. Mason, '70 Ph.D. Chem
Gary E. McGraw, '65 Ph.D. Chem
Robert J. Petcavich, '76 B.S. Chem, '77 M.S. S S S, '80 Ph.D. PlmSc

Joseph H. Eberly, '57 B.S. Phys
Louis A. Martarano, '76 B.S. Chem
James H. Plonka, '70 Ph.D. Chem
Barbara Scheffler, '72 B.A. Math, '73 M.A. Stat

Steven Cohen, '67 B.S. PM
Melvyn Kohudic, '53 B.S. Chem
Edward Nelson, '65 B.S. Bioch
Wolfgang Sachse, '63 B.S. Phys

Robert W. Emery, '69 B.S. PM
J. Arthur Jones, '61 M.A. Math, '65 MEd Math
Max G. Lagally, '63 B.S. Phys

*recognized posthumously


Nominations are solicited from Eberly faculty, staff, students, and alumni. If you have a candidate in mind, please contact Tracey Moore at