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College Data Services

Pulling and analyzing data and information from the
college to support programmatic decision-making

The Eberly College of Science generates large amounts of data and information regarding students, classes, enrollment, demographics and other resources. The Office of College Data Services can pull, analyze and summarize this information to help inform decision-making at the college level.

Faculty and staff leadership can engage the College Data Services Office to pull, collect or analyze information in order to make critical decisions. Typical requests that come to the office include:

  • Student records analysis: historical grades, courses taken, cumulative GPAs
  • Enrollment: number of students in specific majors or minors, class size, dual majors
  • Demographics: data concerning gender, race/ethnicity, citizenship, etc.
  • College surveys: Graduating senior exit surveys, advising surveys, climate and diversity surveys
  • Other requests include admissions data, scholarship awarding, facility usage

The office is not limited to the data queries above. If the data exists, the office may be able to obtain it and analyze it for you. If the data does not exist, the office can help you develop the tools to collect the data or connect you to the appropriate contact person. In every instance, personal privacy is respected.

Rania Elanwer is the college data analyst. She is available to help you collect and analyze the data you need to make decisions important to the college.

Please use the "Eberly Data Analyst Request" form to submit a request to Rania. You may also contact Rania if you have any questions.


Eberly Data Analyst Request